People Are Talking About Elliot Schneider!

Elliot Schneider 1980's
Elliot Schneider 1980’s

“Excellent stuff—that guy’s got swagger!”  –Spencer Leigh, BBC Radio Merseyside (Liverpool) after playing “If Looks Could Kill, I’d Wear Mirror Sunglasses” on his Saturday night show, “On The Beat.”   (December 8th, 2012)

“Elliot Schneider’s gold lame shirt and spandex pants, his Jagger moves and Elvis Costello delivery…and his Bob Dylan nose make it impossible to classify him, categorize him, deny, defy or crucify him. Everything about him invites skepticism; you know right off he’s either a total flake or a total genius.”
Cary Tennis (now’s renowned columnist)

“I prefer to think total genius!” –Tom Lambert, Irish DJ of the syndicated “The Independent Music Show”

“Elliot Schneider’s new album is utterly FAB–a great album—wonderful!! One of my favorite albums of the year.” –Henry Scott-Irvine, DJ 104.4 FM London, England (author of “Procol Harum: The Ghosts of a Whiter Shade of Pale” with an introduction by Martin Scorsese.)

“I have been loving your new CD. I cranked it up all the way home from Ray Davies at the Fillmore. I keep it close in my car for instant pick up…”
–Annalisa, DJ at KFOG in San Francisco.

“Nothing but rock god status for Elliot now!!!” –RockTrish, “Whatever Rocks Your Boat” DCR 97.4 FM  (Radio Show of the Year, New Scottish Music Awards 2012)

Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame and beyond (SuperHeavy with Mick Jagger and Joss Stone) wrote Elliot on his birthday this year: “It sounds really good in the car driving around LA especially “My New Creation” fast version; you sound like a psychedelic early Elvis Costello from San Francisco mixed with New York City underground band…”:)

“Bay area rocker Elliot Schneider’s career reads like the lyrics of a rock ‘n’ roll song.” –Randy McMullen, San Jose Mercury News 

“I love singing,” says the self-professed former hippie. “It’s like making love to the universe.”
–Jim Harrington quoting Elliot Schneider
The Oakland Tribune and The San Jose Mercury News

Music by Elliot Schneider